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The Experience


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Uplift. Explore. Discover. Inspire.


Heighten your awareness of self, explore the inner truth, discover ways to connect, and inspire to do your best. 


Challenge yourself with a 3 hour intense dance workshop that is geared towards working and aspiring professional dancers that want to elevate themselves as artists. The workshop is taught by yours truly and another hand picked guest artist that is currently in the business and the next upcoming star choreographer.


SUBSCRIBE NOW and you will be notified by email of ALL details for the next upcoming workshops. Availability is based on first come first serve, so if a workshop intrigues you, then reserve your spot quickly. Because we want to make this an intimate and real engagement, each workshop will only have a limited amount of spots.


I began this workshop because I believe we have a lack of resources to working and aspiring professionals. I wanted to expand and deepen my contribution to the dance community and offer a safe and affordable place that I could really go into detail and share what it takes to survive in this dance world, what you need to work on, the tools to connect and to build a stronger dance community. Each workshop will focus on a different style and theme. COME GET YOUR LIFE WITH ME! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

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